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Twitter might make publishing articles difficult

On Twitter or X, users can post different content formats like images, videos, and even articles. On the platform, the articles appear with images, titles, and URLs. According to some fresh pieces of information, the social media platform is undergoing some modifications regarding articles. Reportedly, the titles of articles will no longer appear on Twitter.

Any article on Twitter is posted with its image and URL. The title of the article shows the details about the content of the article. However, given the new changes, the titles of the articles will no longer appear. In accordance with the information provided by The Verge, the articles will now appear with their image and a link. In order to find out the details, users will be required to either click it or look for keywords in the URL. Such an annoying feature, isn’t it?

The reason behind removing the titles from articles

According to Elon Musk, the new feature will improve the aesthetics of the platform. Besides this update, Elon is also planning to cut the height of posts. In this way, more posts can fit in the feeds on the platform. In addition to this, Elon claims that the recent modification is to cut the number of clickbait posts on Twitter. Such an approach will equally impact all sorts of articles, whether they are clickbait articles or normal ones.

Well, there are several other problems presented to Twitter besides clickbait and post heights. Recently, Elon removed the block feature on X and now he is offering solutions to problems that actually don’t exist. We will have to adopt the wait-and-watch policy and observe the influence of the recent changes made to the platform. Currently, there is no information on when the new change will roll out.

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