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Twitch is rolling out the chat history feature to everyone today


Twitch is ready to launch its latest feature, chat history. The feature’s name already tells you what it is. Through this feature, you’ll be able to see a specific history of chat selected from the stream. This feature will allow you to dive into the conversation in two different ways.

You can either view the last 50 messages sent or an hour’s history.Which option you will see depends on the number of chats and other factors. So if you dive into a chat with 200 messages within the last hour, you’ll be able to see the last 50 of them. Those users who are a part of smaller communities can view more message history. However, users of large communities will be able to see 50 messages because of the large number of users in chat.

If you have experienced a larger community chat, it can get really chaotic and move so fast that it is difficult to understand what people are talking about. This latest feature will help you cope with these issues.

The Twitch chat history feature will be out after a while

Although the feature has started rolling out, it still took some time to be available to everyone. If you aren’t able to view it yet, you’ll be able to experience it soon. The feature will be live by the weekend.

This feature sounds like a minor change, but it will surely make the conversations handy for those who like to engage in them.

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