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WhatsApp is launching a major update regarding its status update feature

Putting up stories is becoming more popular than putting up stories on any social platform or messaging application. Over a year ago, WhatsApp introduced this feature of setting a status for 24 hours. It allowed us to post videos, text, pictures, and gifs. In the upcoming update, WhatsApp is updating its status feature. With the release of this update, users can now activate voice status. They will be able to react through status updates, link previews, and much more. This update will be a major one for the platform, as it hasn’t released any major updates over a long period of time.

What’s new about status updates?

  • You can make your status even more private by sharing it with selected contacts.
  • You can share transitory status updates with my contacts except for selected people or your family members.
  • WhatsApp will allow its users to update their status with a voice note lasting up to 30 seconds.
  • You can react to a status using available emojis.
  • A profile ring will appear around the profile of the contact who has been assigned status.
  • Link previews will be available for WhatsApp.

WhatsApp will be able to choose your status sharing group automatically based on your last one. The feature was initially noticeable in the development of WhatsApp beta, released in September 2022. This will also include updates to WhatsApp’s most recent privacy policies, which were last updated in August 2022.

Voice statuses are a new way to express yourself if you aren’t that good at writing. This feature’s preference was first noticed in July 2022.

Status reactions are now available on WhatsApp. The company has declared it its most demanding feature. You need to swipe up and select the reaction you want to give to a status.

A profile ring will be visible around the profile of the contact who has updated the status. This ring can be seen through chats over the app. It will let you know about status updates.

WhatsApp will support link previews in status updates. Whenever a contact of yours puts a link on their status, you can see a visual preview of it without opening it.

WhatsApp is rolling out all these features in upcoming updates.