Twitter Circles are being discontinued after one year of launch

When Twitter’s future was still in doubt just over a year ago, the business released its Circle feature. Users can utilize this functionality to share tweets with a specific set of followers. Twitter Circles are apparently being discontinued, as stated by the Twitter help center via The Verge.

Twitter has been on an ever-declining roller coaster since Elon Musk gained control of it. After Elon revealed his intentions to turn Twitter into a completely paid platform, the Twitter alternative Bluesky recently experienced its biggest surge in signups. It’s impressive that the former added more than 50,000 new users in a single day. Elon may or may not follow through with this, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Twitter Circles are being discontinued

Most people adore this function. It allows users to only post to other users who share their interests. Additionally, people can express their thoughts without worrying about being shot down. It can help you and your buddies start off a conversation.

All good things must, however, come to an end, and this one is ending a little too soon. The launch of Twitter Circles was in August 2022. However, the business disclosed that the feature would be discontinued on October 31. Just one year and two months had passed.

The business gave no explanation for why it is discontinuing this feature. If this was a method of preventing data scraping or bot accounts, we wouldn’t be surprised. In any event, you won’t be able to add people to your circles once the feature is gone. You will still be able to delete members from your circles after October 31st, so it almost sounds like your circles won’t disappear. The business will provide you with directions on how to proceed. We don’t know if Elon should remove popular features if he wants the business to survive as more users migrate to alternatives to Twitter.

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