YouTube have launched its own video editor

Although YouTube is a terrific site for watching and uploading videos, the corporation doesn’t really offer any tools for creating videos. You can use a basic video editor to apply effects when creating shorts, but only for that purpose. Gear Rice claims that YouTube is testing a video editor.

A market that YouTube should investigate is this one. TikTok’s parent business, ByteDance, also includes a built-in video editor. CapCut is the name of the editor, and it is a very capable editor. So, it’s high time YouTube did the same.

A new video editor is being tested by YouTube

The software is known as YouTube Create, and it’s now in beta for a select few markets. On our Infinix Note 30 Pro at AH, we were able to download the app, so anyone in the US market ought to be able to do the same.

You may expect some instability while using it because this is a beta test. The business is using its customers as test subjects. Don’t be shy about offering firm suggestions on how to make the app better. On the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, you should post a sincere review.

Using the app

YouTube Create is a user-friendly mobile video editor that is easy to use. You must log into your Google account before using the app. After that, click the Add button to begin recording your new video. When you do that, a grid of the images and videos in your gallery will appear. To narrow your search, tap on either the videos or photos filters at the top of the user interface.

You can put as many films or pictures into the editor as you like. When you do so, a straightforward video editor UI that roughly resembles the Shorts editor will appear. You’ll find the home button, undo button, and back button at the top of the display. The Home button, Undo button, and three-dot menu are located at the top of the screen. You can export it, alter the aspect ratio, obtain support, and provide feedback by using the three-dot menu.

Your video timeline with the loaded clips is located behind it. To rearrange the clips, tap and hold. To upload a new clip from your gallery, tap the “+” button on the right. Each clip has a button that resembles an hourglass turned sideways. You can add transitional effects between the clips by tapping on that. You can add a variety of content using these tools, including more clips, effects, filters, and more. It appears to be an effective video editing experience so far.

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