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Twitter faced a huge backlash in downloads since the name change

Be ready for dismal but predictable news if you’re wondering how things are going with Twitter now that it’s called X. After changing its name from the “Bird App,” Twitter isn’t doing well, according to Insider (via Gizmochina). Elon was struggling with the firm at the time. Since the name change, Twitter’s downloads have drastically decreased.

In case you weren’t aware, Elon Musk decided to rebrand Twitter as X a few months ago. Both Elon and this choice have received widespread derision. The famous blue bird has been replaced with a straightforward “X” in the name and emblem, which are radically different.

People aren’t downloading the app since the name changed

It appears that the company is experiencing a significant drop in consumers and downloads because of the new identity. The report claims that Twitter’s downloads fell by around 30%. A decade-low for the platform, that.

About 10 million new users joined Twitter between August and September of this year. The average of 15 million to 30 million additional users per month added since 2011 dwarfs that. There is no doubt that the corporation is having a serious problem recruiting new employees. The fact that Musk’s strategy was to sign up as many people for Blue as possible makes this situation worse.

The company also notices declining numbers among its regularly active consumers, although this decline is not as noticeable. The corporation had over 249 million daily active users as of the beginning of September. Comparing that to the average in July, which was 253 million, there has been a 1.5% decrease. Just whether that number will rise over time is unknown.

In terms of monthly active users, it decreased by around 1.2% throughout that time. If this keeps up, we anticipate seeing an increase in that number over time. Thus, it appears that Twitter is losing users steadily despite Elon Musk’s management efforts. The corporation was acquired for $44 billion, but its current value is a tiny portion of that sum. If Elon Musk and CEO Linda Yaccarino want to prevent the platform from failing, something must change.

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