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‘Tweets’ is becoming a history, as the latest name appears

A new term of service is being introduced on September 29, and tweets will be gone. As previously announced, Tweets will no longer be used; instead, we will be calling them X.

Tweets are becoming history as a new name is being introduced for them

Tweets will change into posts, according to the updated terms of service, as reported by The Verge. That is obviously a generic adjustment. The removal of the Twitter name was not well received, and it is probable that the same will be true with tweets.

Tweets are now an internationally recognized term; everyone is familiar with them. Elon Musk made the decision to scrap Twitter’s whole identity, primarily because of the change in emphasis. He aspires for Twitter to become the “everything app,” taking a cue from WeChat in China.

What will happen to retweets now that tweets will become posts?

You guessed it, those will be referred to as reposts. When it comes to the name convention of Twitter, this is essentially the last nail in the coffin.

Twitter is now known as ‘X’

As many of you are already aware, Twitter’s name was changed to X. Elon Musk completely altered the branding to achieve his objectives. Payments, a hiring component, and a lot more brand-new features are coming to X.

Elon Musk wants X to be the “everything app,” as was already mentioned, and to do so, it will have a ton of functionality. He wants people to become as devoted to X as Chinese citizens are to WeChat.

Naturally, the entire process will take time. The enhancements are planned and should be made soon, but many more are anticipated in the future. Of course, we don’t yet know all the specifics. Naturally, since Elon Musk spent a lot of money to buy Twitter, he is free to do whatever he wants with it. We’ll see if his conviction that the business will grow as a result of the new branding and emphasis pans out.

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