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Twitter finally rolling out 280 characters limit for all users

No more 140 character limit on Twitter—Now you can double the characters in one tweet

Twitter has finally decided to go with 280 characters, double the character limit of 140. Twitter has incorporated this major change since its inception which can be looked as a user-friendly approach.

Twitter has been testing the 280 characters limit for the last few months, during September Twitter’s 240 character limit was spotted on various accounts globally. Although, it wasn’t clear whether Twitter would apply the entire 280 character’s limit or its just testing the feature. Twitter also said at that time we are testing the feature and looking at the people’s response how would they react to this change would be the better insight to make decisions for the future.

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Twitter has now officially started rolling out the 280 characters update for all users around the world. However, the 140 characters limit would still apply to the languages such as Japanese, Korean and Chinese. Twitter says Asian languages are able to fit more thoughts into fewer characters.

According to Twitter official post, the extended word limit would help users to express their thoughts more deeply having more words limit. During 140 characters limit, almost 9% of the tweets hit the character limit barrier while conducting the tests with 280 characters only 1% of the tweets reached 280 characters which shows people can have enough space to share their thoughts in an expressive way without hitting the limit. It will also save time for users by not sending multiple tweets to discuss the matter, said Twitter.

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In the meantime, expanding the character limit could also impact the fastest communication on the network urging users to post comprehensive paragraphs, where they were only able to post few words before.

But it seems people now have the real flavor of Twitter, they are now very much used to the network and its dynamics. Most people would still underutilize the extended characters limit.

According to Twitter, most people during the tests who had given the option of 280 characters didn’t use it. Only 5% of the tweets during the testing phase exceeded 140 characters and merely 2% exceeded 190 characters. But Twitter ensures the smooth and fast communication and said your timeline reading experience wouldn’t affect by the increased limit thinking that it would take more space per tweet and eventually affect reach, you will see the same amount of tweets in your timeline, said Twitter.

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