Twitter owes former workers $500 million in compensation payments

Elon Musk is once again in trouble. The social media platform Twitter headed by Musk is under fire once again. The employees that were laid off by Musk are now demanding $500 million as part of compensation payments. Reportedly, the former employees have filed a lawsuit against the company. The company is accused of willfully failing to make the due payment.

Just after taking charge of Twitter Elon Musk fired 80% of the platform’s staff. Later on, the CEO claimed that the company is working better with less staff. Well, it is not the first time that the employees have sued the company. It has been done multiple times before. Recently, a lawsuit demanding the company to cover legal settlement costs was filed by some former employees. However, this lawsuit is about the due compensation payment.

Twitter has to $500 million in dismissal payments to its ex-employees

Back in January, the company laid off Courtney McMillian who was the head of total rewards at Twitter. She filed her case in San Francisco federal court. She asserts that the business established a program in 2019 to provide employees who were let go with two months of base salary plus one week of compensation for each full year.

McMillian claims that some employees were only given the compensation pay of one month while many others are still waiting for their paychecks. The lawsuit discloses that senior staff were owed six months of basic salary, despite Twitter’s claims that it had paid ex-employees in full. The social networking company is now charged with breaking the law by withholding severance payments.

Currently, the company has no media relations department. As per the information provided by Reuters, the corporation used the poop emoji as its response to a request for comment. Besides the compensation money case, the company is also charged for not paying bonuses to the current staff. Musk responded to this lawsuit by saying that it has no merit. The company has several other lawsuits as well that accuses the company of targeting women and disabled workers.

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