Since its debut, Threads’ user engagement has decreased

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Threads witnessed immense popularity and growth given its launch last week. Reportedly, the platform was recorded as the fastest app to cross the 100 million active user number. Given its huge success, even Elon Musk spoke out against the Meta. Well, right now the reports suggest that user engagement on the platform has dropped a little bit.

Threads is quite similar to Twitter in the manner it is operated. Users can post their thoughts. They can post stuff accompanied by videos, images, and GIFs. Notably, the platform is not similar to the current Twitter rather it resembles the one we were using before Elon Musk took over it. Probably this is one of the reasons why Threads was able to acquire so many users.

Reportedly, user engagement on Threads dropped off a bit

At the moment, several sources are keenly observing Threads’ pattern of growth. As per the information provided by one of the sources named Sensor Tower, this week on Tuesday and Wednesday the user engagement was down by 20% as compared to the number of users recorded on Saturday. Furthermore, the time users spent on the platform was also reduced from 20 minutes to just 10 minutes.

Similarweb is another firm that is observing user engagement on Threads. This firm has provided the data for the Threads Android app. According to the shared data, on Monday Threads recorded 24.4 million users. The data shared by the source indicates that the platform has lost its 25% of daily active users. In addition to this, the engagement time dropped by almost 60% i.e., from 20 minutes to just 8 minutes.

Should Meta be concerned?

Undoubtedly, Meta’s Threads was recorded as the fastest-growing social media platform ever. But given the current situation, things are troublesome. But on the other hand, it is quite normal for a new platform to witness a drop with time. It requires time to be adapted by users. this is not just unique to Threads such behavior and growth pattern is usually observed with most of the apps.

The recent drop in user numbers is a reflection of the deflation of initial excitement. The accurate number of users will be clear in a few weeks. Such user engagement is anticipated to be reflected over the years. With time, the rise and fall in numbers will continue as Meta introduces new features.

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