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Two-hour videos can now be uploaded by Twitter Blue subscribers

Twitter is continuously adding new and attractive features for Twitter Blue subscribers. Some days ago we learned about the encrypted DMs. Now, the platform has introduced another interesting and attractive feature for its subscribers. As per recent information, Twitter Blue subscribers can now post videos of up to two hours. The file size of the video should be 8GB. Using the iOS app, Blue subscribers can now upload longer videos. however, the video quality is still maintained at 1080p.

Well, we can say that the recent addition of features is an effort to make the platform more attractive to users. Since Musk has been an advocate of his plans. He has the vision to turn Twitter into Twitter X which it refers to as an everything app. He mentioned this during the announcement of the new CEO of the company. Over the course of the previous few months, the platform has undergone several significant modifications.

Back in December 2022, Twitter increased the time duration of video uploads up to an hour. The limit for video files was exceeded to 2GB. It was four times more in contrast to the 512MB file size. These modifications were accompanied by several improvements to the in-app media player.

In particular, Twitter incorporated playback-speed controls to match the contemporary media players used by the majority of comparable services. At least for Blue subscribers, the corporation has now increased the size limit by four times and the duration limit for videos by a further two times.

Well, the new feature is quite appealing and attractive. However, the video quality is a flaw here. With increased duration and size limit of videos, high-resolution videos must be supported. We can anticipate that the company works on this as well. Right now, the iOS app of Twitter allows for uploading longer videos whereas previously this feature was available on the Twitter web. The feature will be available to Android users in the upcoming days.

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