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Uber Pakistan Introduces Features for the Drivers

Uber Pakistan along with keeping its customers happy also knows how to take good care of its drivers. Uber a ride-hailing service has recently introduced some new features with the feedbacks provided by the drivers. The new features include long trip notifications, arrival destination and duration and waiting time along with others.

The arrival destination would enable the driver to set a desired destination along with the time so that when they accept to provide a ride to the customer, the driver could still reach to their set destinations while dropping the client off on way.

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The long trip notification feature allows the driver to take the riders without disturbing their routines by receiving a notifying alert if a trip is calculated to be sixty minutes or much longer.

Along with, these features another feature introduced is of drivers’ safety which is of driver share trip. This feature enables the drivers to share their location and trip status with their family and friends ensuring drivers safety. The driver could start or stop sharing the trip status details at any time.

The paid waiting time feature allows the drivers to get paid more than the set amount if the rider makes them wait much more than the specified grace period.

Safee Shah—GM-Uber Pakistan said relating the features that their introduction would result in providing more flexibility for the drivers, creating a relaxing overall experience and would be enabling safety via our technology.

Shah also added that Uber provides a part time working opportunity to its drivers so that they could add some more amount to their family’s income. The job opportunity provided is flexible and could easily be adopted along with the drivers’ normal routine lifestyle.

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