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Users Can Now Join Skype Calls Without The Skype Account: Meet Now

In times of the coronavirus crisis, video chat services are in high demand. Finding the right platform is not so easy in some cases. The number of participants in a conference call is usually limited. In addition, prior registration is often required.

Recently Facebook has also released a desktop version of messenger which allows users to have video conferencing on desktop Windows and MacOS.

Microsoft has now created a way for Skype to be able to participate in a video conference without numerous requirements. As can be seen from a tweet, a service called “Meet Now” has now been published. This enables calls to be started via Skype without having a Microsoft account or having to install an app.

Up to 50 participants possible

Meet Now” is a platform-independent version of Skype. The new Skype service can be accessed via almost any web browser. The service supports most of the functions that the Skype apps offer. It is possible to record calls and replay them later. The recordings are saved for up to 30 days. The screen can also be transferred. Up to 50 users can participate in a conference. There are no costs for the service.

The user interface for “Meet Now” has also been made significantly simpler. Only a button has to be clicked on the service page. This generates a link that must be sent to the other participants in the conference. With the link, it is possible to join the call at any time. Since the link never expires, the address can be reused and another conference can be held. Anyone who has already downloaded the Skype app can of course also communicate with the users of “Meet Now”. The “Meeting” button in the sidebar of the application can be used for this.