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Users might be able to add images to lengthy tweets on Twitter

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Twitter is constantly adding new features to Twitter Blue. Just recently, the social media platform increased the character limit of tweets to 10,000 per tweet. As of now, some new pieces of information suggest that users might be able to add pictures to long tweets.

The social media platform is taking several measures to increase the limit for tweets. When Elon Musk took over the platform the character length exceeded from 280 to 4,000 characters. And just recently, the limit has reached 10,000 characters per tweet. In addition to this, Twitter Blue users can also utilize bold and italic font for their tweets.

Users can now add pictures in long tweets

Jane Manchun Wong is the source of this information on Twitter. A screenshot of a tweet being composed in progress appears in Wong’s tweet. Several images are pasted into the tweet with text between them. In this way, tweets will have a resemblance to blog posts.

The information from the tweet indicates the interface of a desktop. So, we can expect that the feature arrives on the desktop before making its way to mobile users. moreover, an edit icon is also visible in images suggesting that users could edit pictures similar to regular tweets. Currently, there is no information on when or whether this feature will make it to general users or not. Currently, the platform is undergoing too much. Users must stick with the wait-and-watch policy for the time being.