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Publishers can benefit from this new policy on Twitter

Twitter’s CEO has announced a new feature for publishers. As per recent information, publishers can now charge per article. In this way, they can generate money from their shared articles on Twitter. It is reported that the feature will go live this month.

When it comes to publishers, selling subscriptions is one of the most commonly used methods for generating money. However, it seems like the social media platform is seeking out an out-of-the-box monetization method for publishers. The CEO tweeted that soon publishers will be able to charge users on a per-article basis with one click.

Such a strategy would be beneficial for users as well as the publishers. Users will no longer be required to buy subscriptions. They can easily pay for an article they are interested in reading. On the other hand, publishers can sell articles at high prices. Additionally, such a feature would also help sovereign journalists that have interesting stories to tell.

Who will have the access to new per-article charging feature?

Well, there is no information about how the feature will work. Besides this, there is no word about which accounts can access the feature and how much the social media platform will charge as a commission. Currently, Twitter is taking a 10% cut on subscriptions. There is a possibility that the same rule could be applied to per-article charging fees. The feature will be available in the coming weeks.

There is a possibility that Twitter might introduce the feature for publishers that have a verified Blue subscription. In this way, the company could introduce exclusive features to the Blue tier and attract more users to pay for it. Thus, generating more money for the platform. Musk is using every possible strategy that will make Twitter a profitable company. Recently, the platform has removed verification badges from legacy accounts. They are now forced to pay $8 for Twitter Blue. In addition to this, the CEO has limited the free API access. Enterprise customers are now required to pay $50,000 monthly to access it.

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