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Valve postpones release of dock due to shortage

While Valve is already struggling to produce its Steam Deck in sufficient quantities, the company just announced that the dock it should accompany isn’t ready to be released. Indeed, the shortage of components caused by the resurgence of cases of COVID-19 in China is forcing the manufacturer to postpone the launch date of the docking station.

When Valve presented its Steam Deck, it was very hard not to compare it to the Nintendo Switch. Apart from the fact that the console doesn’t have removable Joycons, the resemblance is striking. Especially since Valve emphasized its dock at the time, also known as a docking station, which allows the screen of the Steam Deck to be broadcast on a monitor or television.

Only here the latter was not launched at the same time as the console and the players are still impatiently waiting for its arrival. In late April, Valve revived hopes by giving some news about its dock’s features, suggesting an imminent release. Hopes finally faded on Wednesday, June 1, when the manufacturer announced that the docking station’s launch was being postponed indefinitely.

You will have to wait to buy the Steam Deck dock

As expected, the new wave of COVID-19 in China is undermining production of the device, forcing Valve to rethink its targets. “We are actively looking for a solution and will share more information with you as soon as possible,” says the manufacturer, who is careful not to give more details about the situation. Despite some good news for those who have already pre-ordered their consoles, Valve is making sure that “this issue will not affect the production schedule or pre-order deadlines”.

The manufacturer is aware that this new delay could annoy players and remembers that there are other methods of linking its Steam Deck to a second screen. All you need to do is plug in a USB-C multiport adapter. A workaround that’s far from perfect, as the console doesn’t support all of these adapters yet. To this, Valve responds that its teams are working hard to improve this compatibility, pending news from the dock.

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