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Elon Musk wants to sack 10,000 Tesla employees

In an email sent to his management, Elon Musk asks to fire 10% of Tesla employees or about 10,000 people. He explains himself by admitting he has a “very bad feeling” about the current economy. On Friday, the company lost 3% of its market capitalization.

Commons Working for Elon Musk is definitely not good. Between the threat of sexual assault and the recent ban on telecommuting, Tesla employees, the billionaire has been in the spotlight for a few days now are authoritarian methods The latter have not yet seen everything.

An email to his management team, obtained by Reuters, reveals the CEO’s sinister plans. In the latter, Elon Musk admits he has a “very bad feeling” about the current economy. So to avoid the worst, he wishes to lay off 10% of Tesla employees The businessman also recommends “stopping all recruitment in the world”. With nearly 100,000 employees worldwide, there are approximately 10,000 people who may soon lose their jobs.

Elon Musk is going to lay off 10,000 Tesla employees

Despite the turbulent economic context of recent months, Tesla has maintained a relatively strong demand for its cars. As a whole, the company shows no signs of financial difficulties, other than that: the share fell 3% on the Wall Street Stock Exchange next Friday, June 3. Still, Elon Musk is constantly warning his teams that things will be tough in the coming weeks.

This email sent to management is the first real sign of worry of the billionaire. The unstable health situation in China still does not allow for a full restart of production in Shanghai, which could explain this attitude of the richest man in the world. “Musk’s bad feeling is shared by many people,” said Carsten Brzeski, global head of research at ING. “But we’re not talking about a global recession. We expect the global economy to cool down towards the end of the year. The United States will cool down, while China and Europe will not recover.

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