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Vertical Navigation Tabs Are Now Available In OneNote

Microsoft has confirmed that all Windows users can now use vertical navigation in OneNote. The distribution in the classic OneNote app is complete, so users now have the choice of which tab arrangement they use.

The information about the release to all Windows users comes directly from Microsoft. The OneNote team around Microsoft manager and OneNote boss Vishnu Nath published a corresponding note on Twitter:

So instead of just using horizontal tabs, Microsoft has now introduced another option: a left-side vertical tabs layout that you can toggle yourself via the “Tab layout” menu (via the “View” tab). This is not entirely new for OneNote, the vertical tabs are also available in the Windows 10 app. Only the classic OneNote app did not offer the option until now.

Microsoft had announced that it would gradually introduce vertical tabs for the OneNote Windows client starting in January and now seems to have completed this quickly.

Arbitrarily selectable

This navigation is also available in the OneNote clients for the web, Mac, and iPad. Microsoft continues to work on aligning the user interface across platforms. The new navigation system is only optional, you can also switch it at any time as you wish. In many cases, however, vertical navigation is simply clearer. The new OneNote app itself was only switched to the classic client last fall. The UWP app will continue to be supported until the end of support for Windows 10, but will not receive any new feature updates.

Microsoft is continuing to work on adding “favorite” extras such as vertical navigation to the classic client so that users can switch more easily.

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