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What Benefits Do Employees Really Want?

Employee benefits

Aside from money, employers across the United States have offered additional benefits to their staff to entice the right candidates and retain them. The best recruiters dive deep into the social, physical, and financial needs of their potential employees in order to develop benefit plans that attract the right kind of people.

There is a staffing crisis in the United States at the moment. A combination of COVID and a wildly fluctuating economy has made recruitment difficult. Businesses are struggling to employ and retain the right people. The US Chamber of Commerce has stepped in and is looking to incentivize business leaders to recruit proactively. What, then, do prospective employees actually want when it comes to benefits? What should business leaders focus on providing the most? Here is a quick guide to some of the most valuable employee benefits that can be offered.

Medical Insurance

The United States of America is not a fair country. Healthcare of every kind costs money – often a great deal of money. The medical insurance industry allows people to claim back expenses caused by unexpected injury or illness. Insurance, however, costs money itself. Many Americans place a high value on finding a workplace that can provide them with comprehensive medical insurance. Truly taking care of employees involves making sure that they cannot end up in terrible debt for getting injured, ill, or having a child.

Remote or Flexible Work Options

Not everybody wants to be tied down to a desk in the office. Responses to the pandemic have shown that the technology and business structures exist that allow for efficient home working. Employees are increasingly insistent that hybrid working arrangements are allowed – a flexible working style in which only some of the employee’s time is spent in the office.


Childcare is provided by a remarkably small group of companies. Childcare, however, is a huge burden on new parents. This means that the provision of childcare by an employer is a remarkably simple way of enticing the right employees into the fold. Childcare is essential if you want young employees to continue working hard after they have had kids. Paid parental leave is also extremely important for retaining employees.

College Scholarships

Some employers offer workers the chance to apply for college scholarships for their children funded by their place of work. The huge financial burden of sending a child to college can be eased by an employer as a benefit – a surefire way of fostering a good relationship.


Most employees want a chance to better themselves, find new opportunities and learn more about their chosen field. Employers that offer educational benefits integrate the idea of progression and learning into their proposal for an employee’s career – regardless of their rank within a business. Continuing training and education benefits the employee and employer equally. Mutuality is the name of the game when it comes to benefits, and education is the most mutually beneficial offer an employer can make.

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