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What is Outsourcing To Dedicated Development Teams

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A few years ago, when companies needed to create a digital product but didn’t have their own IT experts, they resorted to outsourcing the entire project. Now the situation has changed dramatically. A decision such as delegating to third-party specialists the whole software development task has become commonplace. In particular, many businesses started to resort to the services of dedicated software development teams. Today we’ll take a closer look at the benefits and peculiarities of this type of collaboration.


A dedicated team is the same thing as your in-office IT department but implemented remotely. Usually, such experts are hired for specific projects. Therefore, when they complete the tasks defined in the contract, they stop working with you unless you have agreed in advance that they will provide regular services such as updates and technical support. Thus, such project team structures are relevant when you need a cost-efficient and quick-to-assemble alternative to your in-house employees. 

How Does It Work?

The main goal of the dedicated development team is to engage software engineers with the needed expertise in your project without significant time costs and hassle associated with the official employment of specialists in your offline office. Otherwise, you get the same skills and practices of interacting with your contractors that you might get used to working with your in-office employees.

Advantages You Get

Let’s look at the main advantages of partnering with a dedicated software development team.

  • Accurate budget calculations at the ideation stage. Thanks to their extensive experience, your remote developers will be able to accurately assess the front of the upcoming work (with the exception of changes that you may make in the future after the list of specifications is approved). This way you won’t run into unexpected costs and your product won’t be frozen until you find new funds to continue development.
  • Risk minimization. Unlike working with freelancers, your new remote employees will only work on your product. In addition, your partnership will be officially confirmed by a contract that will protect you from the risks associated with the failure of deadlines, leakage of critical data, and other troubles.
  • High quality of the final solution. Obviously, to ensure the best quality of the resulting solution, it’s necessary to attract specialists with expertise, which has been growing over the years. As the practice shows, the expertise of dedicated software teams is always deeper than in the case of in-house ones, as they specialize in their field and work on different projects for various industries.
  • Transparency in workflows. The basis of a productive relationship between a client and a contractor is the formation of an open dialogue. Regular communication in messengers and tools for remote collaboration and project management help you feel like you are in the same office as your contractors.
  • Flexibility in the expertise and workforce you get. By choosing this type of cooperation, you get unprecedented flexibility and the ability to hire specialists with any expertise that corresponds to specific project requirements and tasks.
  • Fast project launch and high speed of workflows. If your business needs to urgently scale up a project, this model will work for you. At the same time, this dedicated team can be sharpened for quick adaptation both to the project itself and to possible changes during its implementation. 
  • Time-efficient and simple project management. By choosing this cooperation model, you can assign tasks related to managing contractors and monitoring their performance, while freeing up your time for strategic planning and focusing on essential business tasks.

Final Thoughts

The dedicated development teams format is a great choice for those companies that don’t have their own IT department, or it is too busy to be distracted from the main business tasks. If you want to get the most out of the combination of the benefits of the two cooperation models described above, you need a reliable provider. In particular, you can contact us to get a well-experienced digital partner that will ensure the cost-efficient and high-quality implementation of your business idea.

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