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WhatsApp Adds New Avatars In Beta


As is well known, WhatsApp belongs to Facebook or Meta and that means that the two platforms are also getting closer and closer. This currently means that Messenger is getting a feature that has been around on the social network for a long time, namely (reaction) avatars.

WhatsApp is and will remain the most widespread messenger in the western world, and the interest in new functions is correspondingly high. As always, you can get the first glimpse of them on the WABetaInfo page, where you can discover another new function: the avatars.

This allows reactions to be personalized and the first testers can now try this out with the beta version number The whole thing works in a similar way to Facebook: First, you configure your avatar, which usually looks or can look like your own likeness, and the software creates a set of stickers based on this graphic representation.

Sticker set with Avatars

Inspired by emoji-like symbolism, these stickers can be shared with friends and family via chat messages. You can also set up these pictures as profile photos.

If you are participating in the WhatsApp beta and want to check whether this function is already available, you can do this via the settings. Because there appears – currently in the second position from the top – a point called Avatar. In this way, the representations can be configured and created.

However, the feature is not yet available for all beta users and has only been released for a small number so far. There are probably still some bugs and as soon as these are fixed, other users will certainly be activated for the feature. It’s not known when avatars will be released to everyone, but it usually doesn’t take that long for a feature to make its way from beta to GA.

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