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WhatsApp Groups Will Have a Waiting List To Join

A future WhatsApp update will introduce waiting lists in chats. The next time you try to enter a group on WhatsApp you have to wait a while until you are admitted by one of the administrators. At least, that’s the latest feature discovered by the folks at WABetaInfo when reviewing the code of one of the most recent versions of the messaging application.

And, everything seems to indicate that one of the next updates of the app will include the option of approving new participants manually in order to access a group. A kind of waiting list that administrators will need to review before users can join a group chat. WhatsApp will force you to wait when trying to access some groups.

Administrators will Control The Entry Of Participants

Thanks to the capture shared by WABetaInfo, we know that the option to manually approve new participants can be turned on or off and that it will not be a mandatory option for groups. If it is activated, when a WhatsApp user tries to access a group, they will see a warning that will indicate that the chat administrator must approve your request before you can start chatting with other members.

If the request is approved, the user will become a member of the group. Otherwise, you will not be able to access it. This will show the option that will allow administrators to approve or reject requests for access to a WhatsApp group. This function has been discovered in the WhatsApp Beta version, but at the moment it is not available for users of the application.

And is that, at the moment, it is in the development phase and is not ready to be implemented globally. However, it will most likely not take too long to reach the application and be available to everyone. If you want to make sure you don’t miss this (or any other) news, you just have to make sure you have downloaded the latest available version of WhatsApp.