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WhatsApp Banned Over 2 Million Accounts in India

WhatsApp banned over 2 million Indian accounts for several reasons.


WhatsApp recently banned nearly 2 million accounts in India. Strangely, only 420 write back to the company for an inquiry.

The company completed the process in August this year. According to the company, it banned 2,070,000. According to WhatsApp, the most common reason for doing that is because of unauthorized use of the app. Senders send spamming messages or cross the minimum threshold of sending messages in bulk.

Out of the 420 requests the company received, only 41 were catered for. The rest were either denied or unrelated to their banned accounts.

Although the company has strict end-to-end encryption, it still notices when something fishy injects into the system. It also receives a lot of reports from users getting spammy or irrelevant messages.