WhatsApp New Feature: Voice To Text Message In Works

WhatsApp Voice To Text

Converting voice messages into text was previously only possible with WhatsApp with a detour via external apps. But now it is clear that the developers are preparing to integrate exactly this function directly into the messenger. However: iOS comes first.

WhatsApp Speech-to-text Feature

Whether you simply don’t have time to devote yourself to a sprawling voice message or if you reject the spoken format in principle: There can be good reasons to want a messenger to transfer audio to text as smoothly as possible. With WhatsApp you had to rely on external help for the function – we had already provided you with the relevant instructions under ” Tips for WhatsApp: Simply convert voice messages into the text “. However, there are now signs from the development environment that speech-to-text will soon become an integral part of the green messenger.

As is so often the case, it is WaBetaInfo that sheds light on the behind-the-scenes effort involved. A closer look at the code of the current test version shows: “WhatsApp is working on the transcription of voice messages”. For the time being, there are only approaches to this in the iOS version of the app. The reason: The voice messages are not sent to the WhatsApp or Facebook servers, but the transcription is provided by Apple.

If you want to use the function, WhatsApp issues a corresponding request for permission, which indicates the transfer of the data to Apple. Apple says it uses the anonymized data to further improve the technology but does not want to collect any personal data when providing the service. Once a voice message has been transmitted in text, this result is stored in the local WhatsApp database for further queries.

Android Or iOS?

The way in which WhatsApp implements the function also means that you have to find your own solution for Android. According to WaBetaInfo, there is currently no movement in the test versions. Since the developers have always tried very hard in the past to equip both iOS and Android versions with similar features, there should be first news soon.