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Google will let you sync your locked folder across multiple devices

google photos rolls out Locked Folder feature to non-Pixel smartphones

Google Photos is a great platform to store videos and photos. For the pictures you don’t want others to see, you can use a locked folder. As per information via 9to5Google, Google will let you sync locked folders across multiple devices. As the name depicts, this folder keeps your files protected that you don’t want to share. You can protect the folder with a pattern or a passcode.

By moving a picture or video into the folder, it won’t be visible on the device in any folders. Data in a locked folder won’t be visible in galleries. To make it visible in any folder, you need to move it out of the locked folder.

Google Photos will let you sync your locked folder across device

The locked folder is protected, but there’s a hunch. This folder is only accessible on the main device. You might need it on other linked devices, but it’s not available on any other device.

The report claims that certain users of the Google Photos app are noticing a new prompt. Back up the locked folder, it says. conceal photographs on all devices. The popup will then present you with the choice of accepting or rejecting it. Your phone will back up photos to the cloud when you activate it, so you can access them from other devices. You’ll notice a tiny cloud icon in one of the corners of your locked folder when you’re inside it. You may use this to turn on and off the backup feature.

You must allow the locked folder to sync on your device to view the media because it is a per-device setting. You can still access the media that has already been backed up even if the feature is disabled. Simply put, you won’t be able to view any newly uploaded content. Additionally, it appears that Google Photos on the desktop will soon support the locked folder. It will have a button beneath the Trash menu. However, you must enable 2FA to use this feature.

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