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WhatsApp will soon receive cross-platform messaging

The EU is modifying its strategies and regulations for tech companies in order to ensure the safety, security, and freedom of users. From this perspective, the EU regulations for next year require several tech companies like Meta, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, and ByetDance to ensure interoperability with third-party messaging platforms. In an effort to abide by the new regulation, Meta has come forward with its potential first approach. Notably, the company is all set to introduce cross-platform messaging to WhatsApp.

The most recent WhatsApp beta version appears to have a new screen labeled “Third-party Chats,” according to recent sources. WABetaInfo reports that the Android beta version v2.23.19.8 features a third-party chat screen. However, users can’t interact with the screen yet. It is a strong indication by the company that it is preparing itself to follow the new regulations imposed under the new EU Digital Markets Act. It is expected that cross-platform messaging will be introduced by March 2024.

There is no release schedule for the new feature

When it comes to popular messaging platforms, WhatsApp and Facebook pop into our minds first. Both apps feature a simple app interface along with improved security and encrypted messaging support. However, WhatsApp misses out on the cross-platform messaging feature.

The shared images reveal a ‘Third-party Chats’ title. However, it doesn’t show any buttons or options. ‘Gatekeepers’ like Meta, Apple, and Microsoft are required by the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) to maintain the openness of essential digital services. In addition to this, the Digital Market Act has directed the gatekeepers to include the ability to remove pre-installed apps or provide access to alternative app stores from their devices. As a response, Meta and Microsoft have decided to come up with their own mobile app stores.

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