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WhatsApp Demands ‘Proof’ before reporting an account


WhatsApp is working on a new feature that would enable users to report spam messages and contacts. “Evidence of misconduct,” needs to be included by those who file a lawsuit. Evidence can include the exchange of recent chat messages.

According to the report, this new feature is available on the android devices version applications. It will enable Android beta testers to report harassment, breaches of the rules along spamming to both private and daily WhatsApp contacts.

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In order to take corrective action, WhatsApp members can offer proof of the wrongdoing.  After submitting the report, the verification system will take time, and factors including how many users have reported an account will be taken into consideration. Until the corporation ensure that there has been harassment or breach of guidelines, the account will be blocked.

Any user on WhatsApp will be blacklisted if multiple users complain about it.

The aim of WhatsApp is to make the user experience better and easier with every update.