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WhatsApp launches a New Shopping Button for Business Accounts


WhatsApp is making shopping easier within its app much easier. A shopping button will be launched by WhatsApp that would take users to a business list of goods and services.

According to the report, the button, which WhatsApp says will be available globally, looks similar to a storefront icon. If a business has set up a product catalog, you can tap the button to view it. You’ll then be able to chat to the business if anything catches your eye. The button will sit where the voice call button used to — a single call button will instead have options for both voice and video calls.

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Oddly, there isn’t a formal checkout flow just yet. A video displaying the feature displays a “message business” option, but no buy or “add to cart” button. WhatsApp recently released another video showing off its vision of “how easy we think messaging a business should be.” There was an “add to cart” option shown in that demo. The button is just the first step towards a more robust shopping experience on WhatsApp, though a spokesperson couldn’t confirm when the service will expand the feature.

Facebook has been making more inroads into shopping across its various services over the last couple of years. Instagram, for example, currently expanded its shopping features to IGTV and Reels. Back in November 2019, Facebook launched its own payments system, called Facebook Pay.

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