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WhatsApp Ends Support For iPhone 4S


WhatsApp has updated the minimum requirements for operating systems compatible with the messaging app, confirming the abandonment of support for iOS 9 which includes the iPhone 4S. iPhone 4S users you are on your own now.

This particular version of iOS is currently used exclusively by iPhone 4S, the latest Apple smartphone not to have been updated to iOS 10. This means that to continue using the service it is necessary to have an iPhone 5 or 5C and higher models.

iPhone 4S was released in 2011 with iOS 5 and was the first to introduce Siri support. Recall that this is a smartphone equipped exclusively with 2G and 3G connectivity ( and it will soon become difficult even to access the network with a non-4G device, given the recent movements ).

The new WhatsApp policies suggest that the next devices to lose support will be those of the iPhone 5 family (although not soon), while the situation could be much rosier for iPhone 5S owners, as the first 64bit smartphone Apple has been updated to iOS 12, so it still has many years of support ahead of it.

If you still own a 4S, keep these details in mind when choosing your next device, especially if you want to stay at home with an iOS device that is not very recent. No news on the Android front, since the minimum supported version remains 4.0.3.

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