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WhatsApp Ephemeral Messages to Self-Destruct after 7 Days


Recently, Facebook made the announcement regarding WhatsApp passing the milestone of 100 billion messages sent per day. Now a feature is being added by WhatsApp for its users to be more in control of their messages within the app. Now WhatsApp messages including pictures and videos can be marked to disappear after seven days.

According to the report, disappearing messages are being launched globally across Android and iOS starting today, WhatsApp said. While it’s starting with a seven-day lifespan, it is already looking at playing around with the time limits.

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A spokesperson stated, “We will keep an eye on feedback about how people are using it and liking it and see if it needs adjusting in the future. For now we are starting with seven days, because it feels like a nice balance between the utility you need for global text-based conversations and the feeling of things not sticking around forever.”

The seven-day limit will exist regardless of whether the message gets read or not.

The spokesperson said, “The way it’s currently designed is to give the sender confidence that after seven days their message is gone. The messages have no concept of being seen, for them to disappear, so they will disappear regardless of the read status”