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WhatsApp Feature Photos And Videos View Once Rolls Out

new flaw in WhatsApp

Facebook would like to equip the instant messenger WhatsApp with a practical function for Photos and Videos. With the new feature, photos and videos that the recipient only “view once” can be sent now. The function is currently being tested in the beta version of WhatsApp.

Screenshots from WABetaInfo show that WhatsApp now has a function to send pictures and videos that can be opened once. “View once” is intended to improve privacy, as the content viewed is not saved by default on the recipient’s smartphone. Of course, the feature does not guarantee that the recipient has not taken a screenshot or filmed the display.

Sender is informed

After the content is opened, the photo or video is automatically removed from the recipient’s smartphone. The sender is informed that the recipient has opened the message. In addition to receipt and read receipts, there are now confirmations for opening content that is intended for one-time viewing. The acknowledgment is sent even if the recipient has deactivated read receipts.

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Function Currently In Beta

Anyone taking part in the instant messenger beta program can try out the feature immediately. If the function does not appear yet, you should wait for the upcoming updates. All users who only have a normal WhatsApp version installed on their device can receive and open photos and videos that are intended for one-time viewing. However, they cannot yet send such content themselves. It is currently unclear when all users will receive the feature.

In addition, “View Once” is currently only supported on the Android version. However, iOS users should soon have the opportunity to test the feature as part of the beta. No start date has been announced for this either.