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WhatsApp Video Quality Can Be Set Manually In The Coming Days

Messenger WhatsApp is also particularly popular for sending videos. However, their quality has not yet been changed directly. But that will change soon because in the near future it will be possible to set these individually before shipping.

The Feature Is In Beta

Currently, WhatsApp videos can be cropped before they are sent, but the quality cannot be selected manually. This would undoubtedly be desirable, for example, if you or the recipient have to save data. As WABetaInfo reports there will be exactly this option soon. Version, which is now available for download via the Google Play Beta Program, already has a function for selecting the video quality.

In the future, the user will be offered three options: automatic, best quality and a data-saving option.

  • Auto (Recommended): WhatsApp detects which is the best compression algorithm for certain videos.
  • Best quality: WhatsApp will always send the video with the best quality available.
  • Data economy: If “Data Saver” is activated in the Android settings, WhatsApp compresses the videos to the maximum before sending them.

The feature is currently under development and it is not known when it will be available to all users. However, it does not usually take too long until such features are generally released after they become known or appear in the beta program of Android.