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WhatsApp has introduced picture-in-picture mode in video calls for its iPhone users

WhatsApp is planning to introduce another new feature for its iPhone users. iPhone users can now enjoy the picture-in-picture feature for video calls. It means you can switch to other applications without disturbing your calls.

WhatsApp is now offering a picture-in-picture mode

WhatsApp picture-in-picture mode was initially only available to WhatsApp beta users. This feature was announced last December. But now this feature is available to any iPhone user who wants to use it.

The latest version 23.3.77 of the application, added to the Play Store, has ensured support for picture-in-picture mode. This feature works in the same manner as similar ones in other applications. This feature is quite beneficial for business meetings if you’re doing them on your phone. Once you have started a video call and want to switch to another app, the app will be minimised and will be in the form of a floating square on your screen.

Other than that, there are a lot more upcoming features in the app. As per information regarding these features from the company, iPhone users are now able to add captions to their documents while sending them. Also, WhatsApp is providing support for longer group subjects and custom avatars.

Whatsapp has added the following features to its latest version:

  • You can multitask while on a video call, thanks to WhatsApp’s new picture-in-picture mode.
  • Captions can be added to documents while sending them.
  • Because WhatsApp has increased the character limit for a group subject’s name, you can now exceed the character limit.
  • Just like Instagram and WhatsApp, you can create a personalised avatar that can be used in the form of stickers and profile pictures. Go to settings, tap on avatar, and feel free to create an avatar of your own.

WhatsApp is also testing out some other features, like translating audio messages to text. This feature is currently available on WhatsApp Beta and will take some time to roll out to the public.