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WhatsApp’s has introduced some major features to its platform

In the past few years, WhatsApp has made advancements to its platform in order to improve the user experience and position itself as the best communication app for Android. The messenger platform owned by Meta is quite efficient and frequent in bringing up the latest features to its platform. The latest features were being introduced about every month. However, after its major status update, WhatsApp is launching another minor but important update that will improve the usage criteria of its Android app.

Adding subtitles with your documents

With the most recent stable version of WhatsApp for Android, you may include subtitles while sending documents (via WABetaInfo). This is a modest but useful adjustment, especially if you routinely transfer numerous files via WhatsApp. Additionally, it fits well with the platform’s support for sharing files up to 2 GB in size. In October 2022, it was discovered that the corporation was developing this modification for its beta program.

Media sharing

WhatsApp has made some major improvements regarding sharing images and videos. In the previous version, you were able to share 30 media files at a time, but now this limit has been increased to 100 media files at a time. This feature has made sharing more convenient on the platform. The feature is already available in the beta version of the app and will soon be available to the public.

Longer group subjects

Along with exceeding the limit for media files, WhatsApp has also exceeded the character limit for group chat names. You can now write longer names for your group chats as the limit has been set at more than 100 characters. So now you can categorize your groups more briefly.

Avatar support

WhatsApp’s latest release on the Play Store shows the availability of avatar support. Although this feature has already been rolled out to the public,

WhatsApp is constantly bringing advancements to its platform, like the ability to pin messages, transcription for voice notes, media sharing in high quality, and much more. All of these features are already under testing and will be available on your devices sooner.