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WhatsApp Improves Interface and Support For Multiple Accounts


WhatsApp has released it for multi-account use. What was previously only possible for a small number of beta testers and with tricks is now becoming standard – if you want, you can now use multiple accounts in the app.

Improvements in WhatsApp Beta

This is reported by the online magazine WhatsApp BetaInfo. However, multi-account use remains limited to all users of the beta version for Android for the time being.

WhatsApp users can finally use multiple accounts on the same device without having to resort to complicated tricks. Previously, users had to clone the WhatsApp app or use parallel Spaces, which could potentially slow down the device as Google Play Services ran in parallel and increased the workload on the CPU.

With WhatsApp Beta, the company is now launching an easy way. Users receive a new interface on their Android smartphone with a plus button “Add account”.

As reported in August, this feature was initially limited to selected beta testers and there was no easy tab to add another account. There are also other innovations for the beta testers. There’s a redesigned Settings interface that’s designed to make it easier for users to navigate the app’s various options.

It’s important to note that the update also includes a redesigned profile tab directly in the chat list, making it easier for users to open the app’s settings.

This new feature allows users to manage their conversations from multiple accounts with a single app. Conversations and notifications are kept separate and users can switch between accounts on the same device.

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