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WhatsApp is developing a significant UI change

WhatsApp is now working on a second significant interface revamp after introducing a bottom navigation bar for Android users. It is implementing chat filters and Material Design 3 UI features. A white background and other changes can be seen in the top app bar.

Four self-explanatory chat filters, Unread, Personal, and Business, have been added to the top of the chat list in the upcoming makeover of the popular messaging program owned by Meta, as discovered by trustworthy WhatsApp insiders at WABetaInfo. All your chats will be displayed in the All area as they are now. You can select Unread to swiftly view all your unread messages. The Personal and Business sections will also categorize chats according to account type.

In addition, WhatsApp has changed the top bar’s layout to include an additional menu button to the right of your profile avatar. This space’s backdrop color has also been changed from green to white, as has the top status bar (dark mode turns everything black, so this change only pertains to light mode). The WhatsApp logo on the app bar changes from white to green because of this modification.

WhatsApp interface redesign is still under development

The font for WhatsApp’s logo has also been altered and made bolder. The publication’s screenshot also shows chat titles (contact names or group names) that are slightly bolder. According to the research, the corporation has updated some of these design changes frequently, which explains why what we are seeing today might not be the final design.

In June, it was discovered that WhatsApp was developing this redesign. The new UI was discovered by the same source in WhatsApp beta version for Android. Users weren’t aware of the changes, but the business was laying the framework in the background.

Even in the beta channel, WhatsApp isn’t yet prepared to push out the updated user interface to users after more than two months. The modifications are currently being developed. However, WhatsApp beta version for Android is evidence that the firm has greatly advanced the development effort and further improved the user interface.

According to the latest claim, WhatsApp’s iOS version is also getting a similar revamp. It might not be too long until the adjustments go into beta testing. You may sign up for beta testing of the most recent WhatsApp updates on your Android smartphone here. Now use the Google Play Store to update the app. You can download the most recent version of WhatsApp by clicking the icon below.

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