WhatsApp introduces a new feature to improve group voice calls

Meta’s messaging app, WhatsApp, is soon to receive a new feature that aims to improve group voice calls. With the introduction of this new feature, group voice calls will become less disturbing. Reportedly, the new feature will provide users with more control in group voice chats. Just recently, the company announced a feature that enables users to hide their IP address during calls.

For quite some time now, the app has supported group voice calls with 32 members. However, the new addition will improve the user experience. During a group voice call, the call notification is transferred to all group members’ phones simultaneously. Well, this is going to change now.

In contrast to the previous group voice call experience, users will now receive a push notification that will notify them about the ongoing voice call. In addition to this, an in-chat bubble will appear in the group chat. Users can click on this bubble and join the voice call. Even during the call, the call controls will be in the immediate vicinity of users, i.e., on top of the chat interface.

In this way, users will be able to attend calls and send messages side by side. The new experience is a big improvement over the old one, and it should make group voice chats a lot more seamless and less annoying. Similar to individual chats, voice calls are end-to-end encrypted on WhatsApp.

The new feature will be rolled out on both Android and iOS apps in the coming weeks. One thing to notice here is that initially the feature will be rolled out to groups with 33 and 128 participants. Such a strategy signifies that the feature will arrive in groups where its usability is the most relevant. Small groups will continue with the same group voice call feature.

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