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US Copyright Office is seeking public input regarding AI rules

Experts and governments have long disagreed on the issue of copyright protection for AI-generated works. The US Copyright Office has now opened a public comment period through October 18th to remedy this problem. During this time, everyday people can express their opinions on AI and contribute to the continuing discussion.

This ruling follows lawsuits filed by several authors, visual artists, and source code developers accusing corporations, including Microsoft, Meta, and ChatGPT’s OpenAI, of utilizing their original works to train AI systems without their permission. Furthermore, the situation has been made worse by the AI systems’ capacity to both utilize copyrighted material and imitate certain creators’ aesthetics.

Additionally, journalistic organizations like The New York Times are seriously considering suing OpenAI. This happened after OpenAI continued to utilize web-scraping tools to collect data even after the NYT changed its terms of service to forbid their use.

The responses to three crucial queries

The US Copyright Office is looking for solutions to three important problems with AI, according to the Federal Register. First, it is investigating how AI should morally and legally use protected content while learning. Second, it is looking into whether artificial intelligence-generated content can be protected by copyright laws even when no humans are involved. Finally, it is exploring the issue of accountability and responsibility in situations where AI is involved in copyright disputes.

The Office is also seeking feedback from the public on AI systems that mimic human voices and artistic movements. These individual characteristics may be covered by state rights of publicity, rules against unfair competition, and international treaty responsibilities even when traditional copyright law does not cover them. Due to continuing legal battles in the entertainment sector, such as the lawsuits brought by the comedian Sarah Silverman and the authors Christopher Golden and Richard Kadrey against OpenAI and Meta for utilizing their works to train AI models, this element has gained particular attention.

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