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WhatsApp Polls Now Available In Groups

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So far, it has been relatively cumbersome to organize appointments with multiple users via WhatsApp. External services had to be used to create surveys. Therefore, the developers have been working on new group chat features, which are now available.

According to Indian Express, WhatsApp users now have the option to use surveys. The feature works with both the Android and iOS versions of the app and can be used in one-to-one and group chats. To start a survey, the user must first click on the plus or paperclip symbol at the bottom left. After the menu item “Survey” has been selected, various details can be entered. In this way, the survey can be equipped with several options. Once the contacts have voted, the creator can see the corresponding votes.

A poll can currently have a maximum of twelve options. Messenger warns the user if a selection option occurs twice. If you are not offered the function, you should install the latest WhatsApp version. The feature is not yet available in WhatsApp Web. The function may be added here at a later date.

WhatsApp Communities To Have More Features

The survey function was built into the instant messenger as part of the so-called WhatsApp communities. This is an extension for group chats. In addition to the polls, the update brings with it subgroups, multiple threads, announcement channels, and video chats with 32 people. Most users should now be able to see the other new features as well.

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