WhatsApp is rolling out screen sharing and landscape video features to more users

Over the past few months, Meta has been constantly adding new and improved features to WhatsApp. With the aim of improving the user experience on the platform, the company has now rolled out the screen-sharing feature during video calls. The company claims that the feature is now rolling out to all users.

As per the declaration made by Mark Zuckerberg, users can now share screens during a video call on the app. As per the announcement, it is evident that the new feature will arrive in landscape mode, which is again a new addition. The company might begin rolling out the new feature to Android, iOS, and Windows in a phased manner. In the past, the feature was in beta testing for Android users.

It is assumed that the feature has already arrived on Android and Windows. The mobile version of the app shows the video-sharing feature in the form of an icon that appears on the screen during the video call. On the other hand, desktop users have the option to share either specific apps or specific monitors.

WhatsApp is now competing with services like Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom as one of the top options for business communication thanks to this straightforward update. In regions like Southeast Asia, small companies and startups rely on WhatsApp for team communication. Such a feature will help improve their experience on the platform.

With the new screen-sharing feature, the landscape feature is obvious. Sharing screens with mobile users can provide them with a more immersive experience, which should be helpful. Make sure auto-rotate is enabled on your phone and hold it in landscape mode to test it out.

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