WhatsApp group voice chat introduces a new method of communication

WhatsApp voice chat has been in beta testing over the past few months. This feature was already launched with a different title this year. Although there wasn’t much information available on the feature that was being called the audio chat feature, this left people in confusion, as they didn’t have much information about the feature.

The feature is now accessible to a few users for beta testing. Well, this feature can be easily mistaken for a group voice call, but this is not the case. The company has added a new element to make group chat more entertaining and fun-filled. The feature is equally beneficial for lengthy chats as well as lazy users.

Everything you need to know about the new WhatsApp group voice chat feature

According to the information provided by WABetaInfo, the feature is currently available to only a few users. Users can now chat with group members without utilizing the keyboards. With the new feature, a new waveform icon can be found in group chats. The icon can be found at the top of the screen beside the group name and profile picture.

Furthermore, users can access the feature by clicking on their profile picture. Clicking on the icon will initiate a voice chat with the group members. As soon as a voice call begins, other users can join the voice chat by clicking on the connect button that shows up during the call. In order to leave the voice chat, a red-colored X-shaped icon can be found on the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Currently, the feature is in beta testing. It is anticipated that the feature will roll out to Android and iOS users in the upcoming weeks.

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