WhatsApp is turning more adept with sticker recommendations

The Unicode group’s emoji library has witnessed immense growth in the past few years. It now contains an emoji for nearly every expression. Keeping with the updates of the emoji library, WhatsApp has always delivered timely updates of the emoji library to its users. besides emojis, the messaging app has support for stickers as well as GIFs. Among the several approaches of expression, users mostly prefer emojis.  

In order to improve the user experience with stickers and emojis, WhatsApp is working on a new update that will suggest sticker recommendations. WhatsApp has added support for stickers since 2018. Users can collect different stickers and generate their own collections. However, sometimes it becomes more difficult to locate the correct sticker while in a hurry. Since the beginning, WhatsApp has required sticker pack creators to pair each sticker with a certain emoji. According to WABetaInfo, this is now crucial for WhatsApp’s testing recommendation system.

Given this new feature update, as soon as a user types an emoji, the system will feature relevant stickers from the user’s collection. The sticker suggestions will be available above the message box. well, the feature is useful for users who prefer a particular art style while communicating. Besides this, it will also enable a convenient search for a suitable emoji.

Do note that the sticker suggestion feature is under development. It is available to beta testers with the Android version Although WABetaInfo claims to be compatible with the Cuppy sticker pack available on WhatsApp, it is unknown how the suggestions will appear if more than one compatible pack is loaded. It is also indicated as compatible with earlier beta versions of the program, and it might potentially function with the iOS version. While this feature arrives, developers have time to update their sticker creations by ensuring the connection between the stickers and particular emojis.

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