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WhatsApp is updating its icons for several options in Android app


With a recent update, Our favorite chat apps now offer a much wider range of expression options than just text, photos, and videos. Most of the apps allow for GIFs, editable sticker packs, and the regular addition of new Unicode emoji. With the latest update, WhatsApp is making amendments in its design aesthetics.

Every year that goes by, WhatsApp’s design aesthetics get better. WhatsApp engineers are experimenting with new design improvements to make the user interface (UI) more aesthetically pleasing and easier to navigate, even though the instant messaging service is scheduled to undergo a significant revamp in the near future.

The overflow menu in WhatsApp for Android’s most recent beta version has been redesigned. WABetaInfo, which typically provides reliable information on impending features and design enhancements that WhatsApp introduces, noticed this change. The overflow menu that shows up inside chat threads is changing its icons for every item in the list, as you can see in the screenshot below.

The overflow menu’s options are easier to understand because to the additional icons that have been added in front of each one. Additionally, it’ll also utilize enhanced app look. The latest amendments will be available in version of app and is available on Google Pay Store for beta testers. These updates are currently in testing phase and will be available in coming months after the completion of testing.

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