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WhatsApp Not Working On Older Phones Using Android 2.3.6 Or iOS 7

WhatsApp has stopped working on the older devices and phones from February 1, the company has stopped support for the mobile phones running older versions of Android and iOS. According to the details, WhatsApp is not working on the device running on operating systems older than 2.3.7 and iOS version 8.

The older operating systems are not receiving any security updates from Apple and Google which puts user’s data at risk, WhatsApp recommends using the latest or even versions released after the aforementioned versions in order to use WhatsApp.

This is not the first time; WhatsApp has been ending support for older versions periodically in order to keep the app updated, secure with better features. As WhatsApp reaches 5 billion installations mark, the company is also weeding out millions of smartphones that can no longer use WhatsApp. The company has also ended support for Windows 10 Mobile on January 14.

According to WhatsApp, Android 2.3.7 powers roughly 0.3% of mobile phone devices around the world most of them are being used in Asia and Africa. iPhone 4 using iOS 7 will not be able to use WhatsApp, however, iPhone 4S will be able to use WhatsApp with iOS 9 installed. If you are using one of the older phones, you then need to either upgrade your software version or change the mobile device to use WhatsApp, alternatively, you can always access your WhatsApp messages using WhatsApp Web version.

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