WhatsApp Status can Now be Directly Shared to Facebook Stories


WhatsApp status can now be directly shared to Facebook stories. An update was received by WhatsApp on both iOS and Android that will allow users to directly share their WhatsApp stories to their respective Facebook accounts. Those users who have WhatsApp and Facebook accounts both will have a new option when they add a WhatsApp status.

The option ‘Share to Facebook Story’ will be added under the ‘My Status’ option. When users will click on this option, the share sheet menu will open up. Users will be able to share their status with other apps as well, other than Facebook.

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As we all know that Facebook owns WhatsApp, thus, the company is trying to sync as many options and features as possible. In order to attract more users and retain others, it is essential for Facebook to keep offering better features.

New, better apps have resulted in a lower audience on Facebook. For instance apps like Tiktok are gaining popularity and thus reducing traffic on Facebook. For this purpose, Facebook has decided to integrate few of its features.

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