WhatsApp Testing New Feature To Create AI Stickers

WhatsApp has now also discovered image generation via AI for itself or for the users. In the beta version for Android smartphones, you can now create stickers using short prompts.

AI stickers start in beta

The magazine WhatsApp BetaInfo discovered this and published a few examples of the new possibilities. It is about fast, individualized sticker creation with the help of input requests to artificial intelligence.

The advantage: You don’t need advanced design knowledge or access to external tools for a suitable sticker, since you can simply enter a description and receive a suitable sticker.

So far, the first users of the WhatsApp beta for Android have been delighted with the new function. According to the report, the minimum requirement is version, but there have also been reports from users who have received the sticker creation with the update to version

So that’s not entirely clear. In addition, WhatsApp is initially only testing new functions with a small, random group. You can’t force yourself to get new features faster. Those who are there will find the AI ​​sticker function very easy. The new function is hidden in the lower input window under the tabs for images, gifs, and stickers.

The first testers got a small button to create a sticker. It’s labeled “Create”. Then you will be asked to describe your sticker. A few words will suffice.

In the example, the prompt “Cat laughing on a skateboard” was used.

AI by Meta

The AI ​​then spits out a sticker-style suggestion that you can then continue to use or discard. The AI ​​for sticker generation is from the parent company Meta and is one of the many chatbots and language models that are being experimented with in Facebook, and WhatsApp.

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