Now, Google’s AI will divide lengthy articles into their main points

Search Generative Experience or SGE, was introduced by Google three months ago. Over time, the company is constantly adding new features and improvements to SGE like the addition of videos to a few generated overviews. As of now, the company has introduced a new upgrade that will make handling complex materials easier.

Google is launching “SGE while browsing,” which it refers to as an “early experiment,” in Search Labs. Currently, the feature is available on the Google app in Android and iOS. It will soon roll out to Chrome on a desktop.

How does the SGE while browsing work?

This tool can summarize articles into key points, thus making it easier to absorb the main contents of the article. Furthermore, it will generate links to help users easily navigate the page. There will also be an “Explore on page” option that will display the questions the article responds to and let you move to the appropriate area to read more.

In addition to this, the tech giant explains that the feature will only be supported on a few websites. According to Google, the feature only works with freely available articles. Furthermore, the tech giant claims that its purpose is to test and find out the scope of generative AI in navigating online information and ultimately helping users find the accurate details they are looking for. In order to use it, you must enroll in the SGE experiment. Do note that the new tool is also available as a separate experiment in Search Labs.

Besides this, the company has rolled out two other updates to SGE. One update will help provide definitions and relevant images of certain terms in science, economics, history, and more. Currently, there is no information on when it will be rolled out to the public, however, it will be rolled out soon.

The other update is concerned with coders and will help them understand AI-generated code. Now, syntax highlighting will be used to color-code code segments in overviews. According to reports, this will accelerate and simplify element identification. Similar to SGE while browsing, this capability is now accessible.

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