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WhatsApp To Launch New Storage Feature Soon

WhatsApp storage

Practical new functions are announced in the developer version of WhatsApp. The developers are currently working on a tool that is supposed to make the management of the received content much easier—a blessing for full memory.

Soon it will be much easier to find memory hogs on WhatsApp

For many people, WhatsApp has become the central digital communication tool alongside e-mail— In addition to simple text messages, images, videos, and documents are also being transmitted more and more frequently. This is exactly where a function comes in that the experts at Wabetainfo discovered in a text version.

According to this, the developers seem close to finishing work on a “Memory Utilization Tool” that began months ago. In a new subsection of the app you will find the following functions after this information is released:

  • In the upper section, Whatsapp shows the storage space used by all content.
  • This is followed by the section “Redirected Content” and an indication of how much space these files are taking up.
  • Below that again, the “largest files” are listed in a separate section sorted by size.

Release Unknown

All of these areas are under the heading: “Suggestions for cleaning up – check and delete unnecessary files to free up space.” At the moment it is not yet clear when a release of the functions can be expected, at this point in time these are not yet available for beta testers. Wabetainfo assumes that the developers will want to provide additional tools for memory management here – for example, the ability to delete all messages.