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You can now report spam and inappropriate messages in WhatsApp group chats

WhatsApp has come a long way towards pushing through all the way, overcoming bugs, and adding enhanced features to the platform. WhatsApp is a widely used messenger app. Although all features of WhatsApp are important in their own terms, But as for groups, they are a main source for sharing information and media with many people in one chat. For these groups, admins or group creators are responsible for making amendments to the chats, but as the number of participants increases, the task becomes harder. With the latest upcoming update, WhatsApp is planning to add a new feature to the group that’ll allow users to flag a message that will be passed through to the admin for an update.

Flag messages in WhatsApp groups

It will be called an admin review and will be located under the group’s information page. It was first discovered on WhatsApp beta for Android v2.23.10.8 by the always trustworthy WABetaInfo. Administrators must manually activate it, as shown in the screenshot below. When enabled, users would be able to choose the content they believe is in violation of the group’s rules. The admin would then find these reports on the admin review page and decide what to do next. It’s important to remember that these reports are confidential and that only the administrator and the sender can see them. Expectedly, group administrators have complete discretion over what to do with the reports, including the ability to delete the communications or expel the offending user entirely.

This latest feature isn’t available yet, not even in the beta versions of the app mentioned above. WhatsApp mentioned that it was under development and a preview was available, allowing its functionality. We believe this will eventually be incorporated into WhatsApp’s stable version since chat apps that bring together hundreds of people with diverse opinions must have a strong content moderation system. But since it hasn’t yet reached the beta channels, this could take some time.

Meta subsidiary rolled out several features on stable channels, restricting poles to selecting a single option and giving admins power to join a specific group.

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