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WhatsApp is introducing a new tool that prevent some messages from disappearing

WhatsApp New Disappearing Messages

WhatsApp provides an amazing tool that can automatically delete your chats after a specific time period. One disadvantage of this feature is that it deletes your entire chat rather than just specific messages. This disadvantage made it less special because it is not suitable for everyone. You might want to save some messages that could be useful in the future. WhatsApp is working on a new feature that prevents your gallery from filling up with screenshots of your chats.

The feature has been tested for a year, but it is not yet ready for public use. Earlier in 2022, the feature was introduced in the form of choosing between keeping and not keeping the messages. There was easy access from the same chat window. It seems that WhatsApp is ready to launch the feature on a vast scale.

The “kept messages” feature was highlighted in the information tab of a recent beta. On this tab, you are able to see all those messages. In the case of a group chat, this feature will be available to all and can be deleted by anyone in the group.

Some Android users who are using WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business’ most recent beta versions have noticed the functionality. By downloading the WhatsApp beta from the Play Store or APK Mirror, you may check it out for yourself, but access currently seems to be limited on a per-account basis.

There is currently no way to save a message that is about to be deleted on WhatsApp’s stable version. We can only hope that WhatsApp won’t make us wait another few months to provide everyone access to the feature this time.

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